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Leader of Violent Street Gang Going to Prison

A multi-agency investigation dismantles a violent criminal organization.

Financial Fraud Scheme in Hollywood

Hollywood film scheme results in unhappy ending for more than 700 investors.

Law Enforcement and Race: Continuing the Conversation

Director Comey speaks more about law enforcement and race.

Adopt-A-School Program, Part 3: ‘I Promise to be a Good Citizen’

A look at how one school’s involvement with the FBI is having a positive impact on students.

The Cyber Action Team

Group of rapid deployment cyber experts respond to major computer intrusions.

Multi-State Fraudulent Document Ring Dismantled

Inside the case of a criminal organization that obtained false documents for illegal U.S. residents.

Joint Effort Takes Down Detroit-Based Robbery Group

Multi-agency effort dismantles one crew, but these incidents are on the rise.

A Ponzi Scheme Collapses

Nearly a dozen fraudsters behind a $40 million scam will be spending time behind bars.

Art Crime Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary, Part 2

Part 2 of an interview with the head of the FBI’s Art Crime Team on the occasion of its 10th anniversary.

Law Enforcement and Race

Director Comey cites ‘hard truths’ and calls for ‘open discussion.’

Former Los Alamos Lab Workers Sentenced

The case of a scientist and his wife who sold some of our nation’s nuclear secrets.

Drug Kingpin Dethroned

International investigation dismantles narcotics trafficking enterprise.

New Most Wanted Terrorist

Somali-born Liban Haji Mohamed is the latest addition to the list.

Human Trafficking Ring Dismantled

Case highlights National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

The Case of the Stolen Stradivarius

The Art Crime Team’s role in the recovery of a rare 300-year-old violin.

Ransomware on the Rise

The malware’s use is increasing, but the FBI and partners are working to combat this cyber threat.

Extreme Case of Witness Intimidation

Inside an extreme case that resulted in justice for six slain victims of a drug trafficker.

Adopt-A-School Program, Part 2: Becoming a Junior Special Agent

Program gives kids information they need to stay away from crime and become good citizens.

Armenian Criminal Enterprise Dealt Serious Blow

Criminal enterprise disrupted through cooperative law enforcement effort.

Adopt-A-School Program, Part 1: Bringing a Message of Hope to Students

For 20 years, FBI employees have mentored and tutored students in disadvantaged communities.