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Fairbanks Man Sentenced for Role in Drug Conspiracy

U.S. Attorney’s Office January 10, 2012
  • District of Alaska (907) 271-5071

ANCHORAGE—United States Attorney Karen L. Loeffler announced today, January 10, 2012, that on January 5, 2012, Steven Kao Saepharn, a resident of Anchorage, was sentenced in federal court for methamphetamine distribution.

Saepharn was sentenced to 78 months’ imprisonment and five years’ supervised release for his 2010 distribution of methamphetamine. Saepharn was convicted of one count of methamphetamine distribution by a federal jury on October 26, 2011.

United States District Court Judge Ralph R. Beistline, who presided over Saepharn’s October 24-26, 2011 jury trial, imposed the sentence on Saepharn, age 23.

According to evidence presented to the jury by the prosecution during Saepharn’s trial, Saepharn knowingly and intentionally distributed more than five grams of methamphetamine to a confidential informant on March 11, 2010, in the Mountain View area of Anchorage, near Mountain View Elementary School. The drug deal took place inside a black BMW SUV.

Prior to imposing sentence, Judge Beistline stated that the community was tired of dealing with drug dealers such as Saepharn and noted that drug dealers inflict harm on innocent victims, such as their own children. In discussing another victim who lost possession of her vehicle for months due to Saepharn’s conduct, Judge Beistline noted that Saepharn’s drug distribution had almost caused the innocent owner of the BMW SUV to permanently lose her vehicle under drug forfeiture laws, because Saepharn had used the vehicle (without the owner’s knowledge) to distribute methamphetamine.

Ms. Loeffler commended the FBI and the Anchorage Police Department for the investigation leading to the successful prosecution of Saepharn.

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