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Albuquerque, like each of the FBI’s local field offices, has a community outreach program that complements and strengthens our many efforts to protect you, your businesses, and your families in concrete ways through a range of activities and initiatives. The outreach programs are designed to build bridges and encourage dialogue among the diverse communities we serve.

FBI Citizens Academy Program

The Citizens Academy is a nine-week outreach program for business, religious, civic, and community leaders that provides an inside look at the FBI’s mission, goals, and objectives. Presentations and hands-on exercises are designed to demystify the organization and create new channels for working together and sharing information.

Background: In 2005, the Albuquerque Division of the FBI began its Citizens Academy Program to develop and enhance the relationship between the FBI and citizens of Albuquerque and outlying communities. Since 2005, Albuquerque has hosted the program each spring.

Academy Goals and Objectives: 

  • To increase public awareness about the FBI, its mission, its activities, and its people;
  • To provide an avenue for the FBI to hear and respond to community issues and concerns; and
  • To strengthen relationships and improve understanding between the FBI and the communities it serves.

Application requirements: Potential candidates for the Citizens Academy must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an interest in community affairs;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Live or work within the jurisdiction of the local FBI Field Office;
  • No prior felony convictions;
  • No misdemeanor arrests within one year of application;
  • Pass a security check assessment; and
  • Be available to attend all sessions, with no more than two excused absences.


  • Nomination
  • Application
  • Field Office review of all nominations/applications received.
  • All applicants are notified of selection results.

Contact Information:

For more information or to receive a nomination form, please contact the Field Office’s Community Outreach Specialist at (505) 889-1300.

Citizens Academy class members learning how an Alternate Light Source is used to collect evidence

Citizens Academy class members learning how an Alternate Light Source is used to collect evidence.

Director’s Community Leadership Award

In 2014, Hiroshi H. Miyamura received the Director’s Community Leadership Award for motivating thousands of young people through his work with the Gallup-McKinley County School District, which includes part of the largest Native American Reservation in the United States.

Among our other ongoing efforts:

  • Meeting with minority groups and civic organizations to talk about how the FBI can work and partner with them.
  • Providing Community Relations Executive Seminar Training (CREST) for civic and community groups. The FBI CREST is a shorter, more focused version of the Citizens Academy. Sessions are customized to meet the needs of each organization. CREST serves as a means to exchange information between the FBI and the participating communities. Through this exchange, problems affecting communities will be identified and addressed. Any of the topics below can be selected.
    • Counterterrorism
    • Foreign Counterintelligence
    • Cyber Crime
    • Public Corruption
    • Major Thefts/Violent Crimes
    • White Collar Crime
    • Civil Rights
    • Recruiting & Hiring
    • Special Programs
      • Evidence Response Team
      • Special Weapons & Tactics
      • Special Agent Bomb Technician Program
  • Supporting the graduates of our Citizens Academies, who organize local alumni chapters to create crime awareness/prevention programs and other initiatives that benefit communities;
  • Serving on committees and boards for businesses, schools, community groups, and social and health services.
  • Launching drives to bring food, clothing, and other necessities to the less fortunate during the holidays and other times of the year;
  • Promoting the FBI’s Safe Online Surfing Program. The free Internet safety program was developed with the assistance of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and with the input of teachers and schools. The Internet challenge features six grade-specific “islands” for third through eighth grade students. Each island has either seven or eight areas to explorewith a specific cyber safety lessonand its own central character and visual theme.
  • Putting safety in your hands via the FBI’s Child ID App, the first mobile application created by the FBI. It provides a convenient place to electronically store photos and other vital information about your children so that it’s literally right at hand if you need it. The free app includes tips on keeping children safe as well as specific guidance on what to do in those first crucial hours after a child goes missing. The app is available for download on iPhones through iTunes and on Android phones through Google Play.
  • Partnering with the American Football Coaches Association and its National Child Identification Program to distribute Child ID kits at football games and other events; and
  • Hosting Adopt-A-School programs that place FBI volunteers inside schools to support curriculum requirements. The program consists of school activities, classroom demonstrations, and special events.


To learn more about the community efforts above or to become involved in our outreach initiatives, please contact:

Community Outreach Specialist
Albuquerque Division, (505) 889-1300

Town halls, CREST academies, and participation in community events (i.e. meetings, festivals, awareness fairs, etc.) are also coordinated through the Community Outreach Specialist.

Tours & Speakers

To request a tour for a youth group or speaker for FBI topics related to your business, organization, or law enforcement agency, please contact the Division’s Training Unit:

Training Civic & Liaison Specialist
Albuquerque Division, (505) 889-1300

Please note: Tours are limited to youth groups and available resources. We request that you give us at least 30 days advance notice and that groups be limited to 25 people. Prior to the tour, participants 18 years of age or older must complete a comprehensive visitor form.

For More Information

Visit our national In Your Community website for more information about our overall outreach efforts and our work in other local FBI offices.