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Our People & Capabilities

Our People and Capabilities

The Albuquerque Division consists of both agent and support personnel with extensive experience and expertise. Our professional support staff includes intelligence and financial analysts, investigative specialists, support services technicians, language specialists, paralegals, electronic technicians, information technology specialists, and security personnel.

A SWAT Team member during a training exercise
An FBI SWAT Team member during a training exercise

Our strength lies in our investigations—the very heart of our operations—and in the collection, analysis, and sharing of intelligence that drives and supports those investigations both locally and nationally. In every case, we work to objectively gather the facts and to develop evidence that can stand up in a court of law. This can be accomplished by interviewing witnesses, running undercover operations, analyzing financial records, mapping and managing crime scenes, developing informants, making arrests, conducting surveillance, and gathering information and intelligence from around the globe. Our cases today are often complex and multi-faceted, involving a range of public and private sector partners and covering multiple jurisdictions.

Among our specialized capabilities:

  • Evidence recovery and processing: The Albuquerque Evidence Response Team (ERT) conducts crime scene investigations and collects physical evidence using the techniques of forensic science. The team is trained and equipped to collect and record physical evidence in accordance with current scientific standards and procedures so that the evidence can be effectively analyzed in a forensic laboratory and stand up under scrutiny in a court of law.
  • Computer forensics: Our Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) provides digital forensics, technical capabilities, and services and support to the FBI, other intelligence organizations, and our partner law enforcement agencies. During its examinations, the team preserves, catalogs, extracts, and develops information from digital media. Examiners are thoroughly trained to perform these tasks and are qualified to present results in court proceedings.
  • Tactical support and crisis response: Our Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is a highly skilled group of agents who are trained to intervene in high-risk operations, such as hostage and barricade situations, counterterrorism incidents, and encounters with heavily armed criminals. Becoming SWAT certified is a highly competitive process in which team members much pass rigorous fitness tests and display expert marksmanship. The SWAT team consists of specialized members such as snipers, breachers, and assaulters and is highly trained and heavily equipped—with expertise in a variety of weapons, including pistols, assault and sniper rifles, and shotguns.
  • Bomb recovery and analysis: We have special agent bomb technicians who are available to assist with explosive-related matters within the Albuquerque Division territory and to respond to incidents throughout the U.S. and worldwide. They respond to calls of suspicious packages or objects and are deployed during bombing investigations, often working closely with our Joint Terrorism Task Forces. They gather diagnostic information from the explosives that may be relayed as vital intelligence to local investigators and to the national Terrorist Explosive Device Analytical Center. Our bomb techs often work and train with local first responders and law enforcement.
  • Hazardous materials: Our Hazardous Materials Response (HAZMAT) team is trained in chemical, biological, and radiological sciences and in evidence collection. The team can be deployed on short notice to anywhere in the world to assist with HAZMAT crime scenes. HAZMAT experts can respond to terrorist attacks and criminal incidents involving hazardous materials—including chemical, biological, and radiological—working in concert with local officials and with Weapons of Mass Destruction experts at FBI Headquarters.
  • Translation: Our foreign language experts provide quality language services to the FBI and to our intelligence and law enforcement partners. We deploy our linguist workforce, language tools, and technology in line with our intelligence, investigative, and administrative priorities. Our language specialists are highly proficient and provide translation services for written documents and audio files in a variety of languages.
  • Victim Assistance: The Albuquerque Victim Assistance Program provides victims of federal crimes with information, notification, and services as required by federal law and by the Attorney General Guidelines for Victim and Witness Assistance. Our victim specialists help victims in their recovery and facilitate their ability to participate and cooperate in the criminal justice process. Victim specialists actively participate in community efforts to provide and promote victim assistance and awareness.