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The Office of Private Sector (OPS) was established in 2014 and serves as the FBI's primary liaison with the American business community. OPS aligns and coordinates key outreach programs within the Bureau, focusing on meaningful dialogue and engagement with private sector partners. 

OPS works to increase the FBI's understanding of the private sector's risks and needs, increase collaboration and information-sharing between the Bureau and the private sector, and mitigate threats through longstanding, mutually beneficial partnerships between the private sector and the FBI.

Brad Brekke serves as the director of OPS. For more information on the Office's efforts, download the OPS Fact Sheet.

Key Programs 

In 2016, under OPS, the FBI moved to a more centrally-managed model of engagement by consolidating three of its largest outreach programs. Two of these are membership programs, the Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC) and lnfraGard. The third program, Strategic Partnership Program, is field-based. This new approach will allow OPS to optimize efforts to harness crucial insights into the most pressing security concerns facing U.S. corporations today.

Domestic Security Alliance Council (DSAC)

DSAC is a strategic partnership that enhances timely communication and effective exchange of security and intelligence information between the federal government and the private sector. DSAC currently includes over 400 member companies, representing almost every critical sector and more than 50 unique business industries. DSAC Website | Fact Sheet


lnfraGard brings together businesses, law enforcement, academia, other government agencies, and communities to share information on a range of security issues. Today, 84 lnfraGard chapters with a total of more than 44,000 members work with the FBI to protect critical infrastructures. InfraGard Website | Fact Sheet

Strategic Partnership Program

Strategic Partnership Coordinators (SPCs) are the FBI’s primary point of contact with the private sector locally. Through DSAC and InfraGard, working groups and tabletop exercises, and proactive engagement, they develop and support key partnerships to exchange intelligence, strategy, and expertise, enhancing the FBl's ability to protect the nation. For more information contact your local field office.

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  • Reach out to OPS at
  • Report threats, incidents, or suspicious activity at the Submit a Tip webpage.
  • Direct any requests and questions to the private sector coordinator at your local field office.