New Information/Case Management System Enhances FBI Mission

Washington (January 2013)—Deployment of the Sentinel application in July 2012 represented a pivotal moment for the FBI: the application replaced the legacy Automated Case Support System, moving us from a primarily paper-based case management application to an electronic workflow-based recordkeeping system. In short, it is a major step forward in support of the Bureau’s investigative and intelligence mission.

Sentinel allows the FBI’s law enforcement, intelligence, and support personnel to take advantage of the new opportunities created by the arrival of a modernized global case management system. Information now flows from person to person without the need to generate or mail paper records. 

As Bureau employees adapt to meet intelligence and cyber threats, this new technology allows them to share information more rapidly and reduce the need to physically relocate critical human resources. Collaborative investigations between divisions and programs further enhance the ability to stay ahead of the threat.

Case in point:  An FBI field office recently worked a case where a small business bank account was hacked and the hackers made a foreign wire transfer of more than one million dollars. The U.S. bank was quickly alerted, but was unable to recall the funds.  Using Sentinel, Bureau agents were able to communicate quickly to get the transaction stopped and the stolen funds returned. In less than a few hours, the FBI had opened a case, coordinated with overseas staff, and alerted foreign law enforcement partners…something that could not have been accomplished under the old system.

The FBI partners with local, state, federal, and international organizations to protect the American public. Responsive information sharing is a key part of fostering relationships, and the Sentinel application is one resource for providing that information.

Since its deployment in July 2012, more than 30,000 employees have used the Sentinel application. Developers continue to adapt the application based on needs identified by employees. The FBI plans to leverage this adaptive technology to maximize its ability to quickly and efficiently gather, evaluate, and share its information with its partners.