FBI’s IT Initiatives Just Keep on Coming

Washington (May 2012)—During the past year, the Information and Technology Branch (ITB) continued to deliver reliable and effective technology solutions to FBI employees so they can work more efficiently.

Some of our 2011 information technology initiatives included:

  • Implementation of unified communications and collaboration tools such as rich presence technology, instant messaging, video calls, shared desktop, desktop video teleconferencing, document collaboration, and web meetings.
  • Additional improvements to infrastructure through the Next Generation Network to enhance and improve network speeds and connect the dispersed capabilities of the FBI workforce.
  • Modernization of security solutions through the use of patch management software for application pushes and metering. Implementation of a network access control system and a software suite to anchor the FBI’s systems management framework.
  • Consolidation of systems in a new data center facility to provide the underlying platform for virtualization efforts of several operating systems and other desktop environments; and a green solution to reduce operating costs and the FBI’s carbon footprint.
  • Addition of the iDX3 web-based Geographic Information System that provides members of the intelligence and law enforcement communities with an enhanced, one-system solution where FBI mission intelligence data can be geospatially analyzed and shared.
  • Implementation of the Bureau Investigative Document Management and Analysis System—an automated system to facilitate the review and classification of large quantities of case-related documents provided to the FBI as part of the investigative process.

The ITB—made up of a highly-skilled technical and management staff—will continue to provide a variety of technologies to a diverse FBI user population despite an increasingly constrained budget environment, and it will remain committed to creating, sharing, and applying FBI knowledge products to improve overall effectiveness of employees. To keep up with the pace of technology, the ITB relies on its IT Strategic Plan, which is designed to grow and evolve as the Bureau adapts to new ways of doing business.