FBI Honored as a “Top 10 Government IT Innovator” by InformationWeek

Washington (September 12, 2013) – The FBI has been recognized as one of 10 Top Government IT Innovators of 2013 by InformationWeek Government magazine for its efforts in deploying two separate information technology (IT) solutions that are delivering big benefits. The Bureau was highlighted by the magazine for its innovative use of virtualization technology and data storage management.

In 2012, the FBI developed and deployed a virtual platform and data storage initiative called Distributed Application Virtual Environment (DAVE) that is already producing results.  DAVE is a single platform that hosts distributed applications used for daily worldwide operations.  It supports virtual servers and resulted in the retirement of many physical servers, making the FBI “greener” by reducing its physical footprint, power, and cooling needs.

The second companion data storage initiative, Centralized Tiered Storage (CTS), provides a single storage and backup capability for FBI headquarters, field offices, and resident agencies. CTS ensures copies of data are maintained at different tiered locations resulting in redundancy that allows for quick and easy restoration of data. Working with a virtual platform and single-storage system helps the FBI standardize hardware, simplify IT processes, and manage complicated operations and maintenance procedures at disparate locations.

Programs like these are just two examples of how the FBI uses technology to support its mission.