FBI and the Data Center Transformation Initiative

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has committed to operate “smaller” and “smarter,” aligning with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative. Whether delivered onsite through a core enterprise facility, outsourced to a third party, or hosted in a commercial cloud, the transition of DOJ’s enterprise information technology (IT) to a commodity-based services oriented model will give DOJ components—including the FBI—the opportunity to focus on their mission objectives through the use of efficient, effective, standard, and secure IT resources.

The Data Center Transformation Initiative optimizes and standardizes IT infrastructure to improve operational efficiencies and agility, reduce the energy and real property footprint of DOJ’s data center facilities, better align the use of IT staff and labor resources supporting DOJ missions, and enhance the DOJ’s and FBI’s security posture.

DOJ will reduce the number of data centers that exist today and consolidate into three Core Enterprise Facilities (CEFs) by the end of Fiscal Year 2019. The FBI will host two of the three CEFs; work is currently underway to prepare the facility. 

The goal is to consolidate facilities and cut costs through improved efficiencies, most notably through the reduction of energy usage. With the use of cloud computing systems and mobile technologies, transformation is truly possible in building a new infrastructure. The shift to this type of investment and the reduction in energy and data center footprint promotes “Green IT” and moves the DOJ and FBI forward technologically and more ready to face today’s threats.

January 2015