Gordon Bitko

Chief Information Officer

Gordon Bitko was appointed the FBI’s chief information officer in April 2016. Mr. Bitko had previously served as the section chief of the Support Services Transformation Office, where he was responsible for overseeing an enterprise-wide transformation in the FBI’s information technology strategy, resources, and processes.

Mr. Bitko joined the FBI in 2007 and was assigned to the Resource Planning Office (RPO). In 2009, he created and led the Performance Management Unit of the RPO. In 2012, Mr. Bitko was promoted to the senior executive service. In this role, Mr. Bitko led teams in performance and strategy, resource allocation, and business improvement projects. In 2009, he received the Director’s Award for Excellence.

Prior to joining the FBI, Mr. Bitko worked for nearly 15 years in the private and non-profit sectors.