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Terrorism News

Train Derailment Mystery

Twenty-five years after the derailment of Amtrak's Sunset Limited passenger train in Arizona killed the conductor and…

Counterintelligence News

Trade Secret Theft

A lengthy FBI investigation resulted in guilty pleas from two men who admitted to their roles in stealing…

Organized Crime News

New Reward in Boston Chinatown Massacre Case

The FBI and Boston Police are hoping a $30,000 reward will shed light on the whereabouts of…

Public Corruption News

Stopping Public Corruption

A Philadelphia city employee who was supposed to be ferreting out corruption and mismanagement is now serving a…

Cyber News

Emotet Malware Disrupted

The FBI worked alongside foreign law enforcement and private sector partners in an innovative, coordinated effort to take…

Civil Rights News

Stopping Human Trafficking

The recent disruption of a Washington, D.C.-area trafficking ring shows the FBI's commitment to stopping…

Violent Crime News

Navajo-Language Posters Aim to Reach Critical Audience

An initiative to translate FBI posters into Navajo illustrates one way the FBI and Native Americans are working together to solve missing and murdered indigenous persons cases.

White-Collar Crime News

FBI and Strike Force Target Fraud Against Federal Contracts

More than 360 investigators, analysts, and data scientists are working across dozens of agencies as part of the…