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Professional Staff Training

Professional Staff Training

Education and training are part of every FBI employee’s career development, and employees have access to a variety of in-house and external training and educational opportunities provided by professional organizations, private sector vendors, academic institutions, and other government agencies.

All new employees attend a basic orientation course called “ONE”—or Onboarding New Employees—in Quantico, Virginia. And a large variety of classroom, on-the-job, and web-based training opportunities are available to professional staff members after their hiring. As part of the Bureau’s Continuing Education Program, all employees are required to take a predetermined amount of training each year in order to keep their skills at their highest levels.

*The FBI provides the following training opportunities for its professional staff:

  • Annual training development plans drafted by the employee and his/her manager;
  • University Education Program, providing employees the opportunity to obtain an academic degree and/or certification;
  • Government Employees’ Training Act, used to fund external employee training;
  • Student Loan Repayment Plan, for federally-backed loans;
  • Virtual Academy, an online catalog of self-paced courses in a variety of topics;
  • On-the-job training; and
  • Executive Development Institute, for future executives to develop and enhance their leadership and management skills.

*Many of these opportunities are dependent on funding and must be relevant to the mission of the FBI.