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FBI Strategy Map

FBI Strategy Map

FBI Strategy Map

FBI Strategy Map (pdf)

The FBI strategy map is a visual representation of the objectives necessary to achieve the Director’s vision in the form of strategic shifts. The map is divided into four perspectives—each perspective has a set of objectives.

The top perspective is called FBI Mission and it has four objectives. Those objectives are:
A1 – Protect US from terrorist and foreign intelligence activity
A2 – Combat criminal activity that threatens the safety and security of society
A3 – Preserve civil liberties
A4 – Provide leadership, intelligence, and law enforcement assistance to our partners

The second perspective is called FBI Capacity and its objectives are divided into three themes:
1. Management Excellence
2. Operational Excellence: Deter, Detect, and Disrupt National Security and Criminal Threats
3. Maximize Partnerships

The Management Excellence theme has three associated objectives:
P1 – Streamline administrative and operational processes
P2 – Assign responsibility and own accountability
P3 – Maximize organizational collaboration

The Operational Excellence theme has four associated objectives:
P4 – Collection/Investigation
P5 – Intelligence dissemination and integration
P6 – Analysis
P7 – Action and/or requirements

The Maximize Partnerships theme has three associated objectives:
P8 – Enhance relationships with law enforcement and intelligence partners
P9 – Enhance international operations
P10 – Enhance relationships with the private sector and the public

Objectives P11 (Incorporate forecasting and planning into FBI processes) and
P12 (Improve internal communications) cut across all 3 themes.

The third perspective on the strategy map is Talent and Technology and it is divided into two themes:
The first theme, Maximize Workforce Success, has five associated objectives:
T1 – Improve recruiting, selection, hiring, and retention
T2 – Train and develop skills and abilities of our workforce
T3 – Link skills and competencies to needs
T4 – Identify, develop, and retain leaders throughout our organization
T5 – Enhance work environment to facilitate mission

The second theme, Leverage Technology and Science, has two associated objectives:
T6 – Align technology and science to our strategic objectives
T7 – Deploy technology and science to make our workforce more effective and efficient

The final perspective on the map is called Resource, and its theme is Optimize Resources, which has two associated objectives:
R1 – Utilize and align existing resources and assets in an efficient manner
R2 – Secure and align appropriate resources


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