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It’s not enough to have a clearly defined mission and set of priorities. 

Managing an organization as large and complex as the FBI—and turning it into the intelligence-driven, threat-focused enterprise needed for the 21st century—requires a definitive strategy and plan for execution. That’s where our Strategy Management System, or SMS, comes in. SMS is a tool that enables Bureau leaders and managers to define and pursue objectives crucial to mission success, prioritize resources to achieve those objectives, track progress along the way, address gaps when identified, and most importantly, deliver consistent results. Learn more here

In Depth

SMS at a Glance
- Overview
- Strategic Shifts
- Strategy Map

Additional Resources
- National Security Strategy (pdf)
- Department of Justice Strategic Plan


In Focus
FBI Strategic Shifts
Our strategic shifts describe our organizational direction in terms of where we were, and where we intend to go in the future. Our shifts serve as guideposts on the path to executing our mission. Details


FBI Strategy Map  FBI Strategy Map
Our strategy map is a visual representation of the FBI’s strategic objectives that articulate how we aim to accomplishing our strategic shifts. Details