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“The most effective weapon against crime is cooperation…the efforts of all law enforcement agencies with the support and understanding of the American people.”

J. Edgar Hoover

In April 2002, the FBI’s Office of Partner Engagement (OPE)—formerly the Office of Law Enforcement Coordination—was established to build bridges, create new partnerships, and strengthen and support existing relationships between the FBI and other federal agencies, as well as with state, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement; national and international law enforcement associations; and others within the law enforcement community. The OPE serves as the FBI’s primary liaison for the law enforcement community, particularly law enforcement associations, representing the perspectives of chiefs, sheriffs, and law enforcement associations within the FBI. The OPE manages outreach programs, including the Police Executive Fellowship Program; engages law enforcement partners seeking greater levels of engagement based on mutual law enforcement priorities; and serves as an information broker of FBI capabilities to include Bureau programs, resources, and services. The OPE implements initiatives and strategies which support engagement, communication, coordination, and cooperation efforts with law enforcement, intelligence, and public and private agencies and partners in a continuous effort to enhance the FBI’s capabilities.

Liaison Activities

The OPE maintains active relationships and meets regularly with executive boards of law enforcement associations, key members of federal agencies, and operational divisions within the FBI. The OPE maintains these relationships to aid other federal, state, local, tribal, and campus law enforcement in upholding the law and protecting the United States from terrorism and criminal activities. The OPE liaison contacts include, but are not limited to, the following:

Law Enforcement Associations
- International Association of Campus
Law Enforcement Administrators
- International Association of Chiefs of Police
- Major Cities Chiefs Association
- Major County Sheriff’s Association
- National Native American
_Law Enforcement Association
- National Sheriff’s Association

Federal Agencies
- Department of Homeland Security
- Department of Justice - Office of
_Community Oriented Policing Services
Department of Justice - Office of Justice Programs

FBI Divisions
- Counterterrorism Division
- Criminal Investigative Division
- Criminal Justice Information Services Division
- Critical Incident Response Group
- Cyber Division
- Intelligence Branch
- International Operations Division
- Laboratory Division
- Security Division
- Terrorist Screening Center
- Training Division
- Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate
Assistant Director Kerry Sleeper
Assistant Director Kerry Sleeper


On February 19, 2014, Kerry Sleeper was appointed assistant director of the Office of Partner Engagement. Mr. Sleeper has been engaged in law enforcement and the public safety field for more than 36 years. Full bio

Active Shooter Incidents

Doors with Bullet HolesThe FBI provides operational assistance, training, and behaviorally-based threat assessment services to our law enforcement partners and other first responders who are often the first on the scene of an active shooter attack. More on our Active Shooter initiative.


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