Short Communications - FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program - October 2008

Short Communications - FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program - October 2008


October 2008 - Volume 10 - Number 4


Short Communication

FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program

Susan Myers
Training Officer
Quality Assurance and Training Unit
FBI Laboratory
Quantico, Virginia

The FBI Laboratory provides forensic science courses through the Specialized Training Program. Courses are open to U.S. law enforcement agencies, government crime laboratories, other federal agencies, and military personnel. International students must be employed by similar government agencies to be eligible for course participation.

During fiscal year 2009 (October 1, 2008–September 30, 2009), Laboratory instructors will provide expert instruction on such subjects as fingerprint photography, DNA, facial imaging, paint analysis, and examination of impression evidence, to name a few. The courses vary from year to year based on instructor, funding, and facility availability.

There is no charge for FBI Laboratory training. The FBI pays for travel expenses (lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the training location) for domestic students and lodging and meals (airfare not included) for international students. All expenses are subject to government regulations and program guidelines.

At this time, course dates and locations remain pending and are subject to change and/or cancellation. Therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to monitor the FBI Laboratory Training website at for courses, schedules, and registration information.

For questions or information not accessible on the FBI Laboratory Training website, please contact Sue Myers or Markeisha Wickes.