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Short Communications - Forensic Science Communications - October 2006

Short Communications - Forensic Science Communications - October 2006


October 2006 - Volume 8 - Number 4

Short Communication

National Academy of Sciences Presentations Online

The Internet Web site for the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) contains presentations from a number of symposia conducted this year. Held in April 2006, the symposium on “Legal/Forensic Evidence and Its Scientific Basis” included presentations on “Memory as Evidence,” “Inference in DNA Forensic Identification,” “The Controversy over the Scientific Validity of Fingerprint Individualization,” and “Digital Image Forensics.” Presentations on these topics include both audio and slide presentations. Speeches by Stephen E. Feinberg, the symposium co-organizer, and former FBI and CIA director William Webster, the symposium moderator, are also on the site in audio format. The presentations may be accessed at http://www.nasonline.org/forensic-science-symposium.

The NAS Web site also contains presentations from the Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia. Each year, four to six colloquia are scheduled and feature presentations by leading scientists in the field. Presentations from the November 2005 colloquium, “Forensic Science: The Nexus of Science and the Law,” remain on the site, as do several others. These presentations are available at http://nasonline.org/programs/sackler-colloquia/.