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Training Update: Training Partners, Forensic Science Communications, October 2002

Training Update: Training Partnters, Forensic Science Communications, October 2002


October 2002 - Volume 4 - Number 4

Training Update

Training Partners

Introduction | Goals | Meeting | Information | Feedback


The FBI initiated the Training Partners Program to improve and expand training for new forensic scientists and to continue the professional development of experienced forensic scientists.


The program has established the following goals:

  • Improve training by developing uniform, structured forensic science instruction by the use of style guides that govern instructional design and other training elements.
  • Establish training that is reliable and/or based on generally accepted practices by using a joint development and peer-review process.
  • Allow for agency training program differences by adopting a modular training program approach.
  • Expand instruction through computer-based training and shared traditional classroom/laboratory training materials.
  • Use the FBI Virtual Academy as a delivery and tracking mechanism for all Training Partners Program-approved courses.


The first Training Partners Program meeting was held 9-25-2002 in St. Louis, Missouri, following the 30th Annual FBI Symposium on Crime Laboratory Development. The following Training Partners attended the meeting:

Gary Bombard, Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center
Ginny Field, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Dean Fletcher, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Rhesa Gilliland, Drug Enforcement Administration
Jane Homeyer, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Victor Reeve, California Criminalistics Institute
Philip Sallee, Illinois State Police Forensic Science Center
Todd Zdorkowski, Iowa State University Midwest Forensic Resource Center

Representatives from the National Forensic Science Technology Center and the National Center for Forensic Science were unable to attend.

The group discussed Training Partners Program goals and objectives and reviewed a draft memoranda of agreement that will be signed between Training Partner agencies and the FBI to define the relationship, roles, and responsibilities.


A presentation of the Training Partners Program will be given at the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors meeting in Florida on 10-31-2002. Also, information about the program and the Training Partners can be found in the Conference Center of the FBI Virtual Academy.


Please share your ideas and comments about the program by contacting Jane M. Homeyer at jhomeyer@fbiacademy.edu.