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Meetings and Conferences - Forensic Science Communications - December 2009

Meetings and Conferences - December 2009

December 2–4, 2009

Body-Fluid Identification
McCrone Group’s College of Microscopy
Westmont, Illinois


Chuck Zona
E-mail: czona@mccrone.com
Website: http://www.collegeofmicroscopy.com/
+ 1-630-887-7100 (Voice)

December 7–11, 2009

Basic Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Specialized Training Unit
Metropolitan Police Institute
Miami-Dade Police Department
Doral, Florida


Toby L. Wolson
Miami-Dade Police Department

E-mail: twolson@mdpd.com
+ 1-305-471-3041 (Voice)
+ 1-305-471-2052 (Fax)