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Revised Handbook of Forensic Services (1999), by Schehl (Forensic Science Communications, July 2000)

Revised Handbook of Forensic Services (1999), by Schehl (Forensic Science Communications, July 2000)


July 2000 - Volume 2 - Number 3

FBI Laboratory Updates Forensic Handbook

Sally A. Schehl
Associate Editor
Forensic Science Communications
Forensic Science Research Unit
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Washington, DC
The Handbook of Forensic Services is a reference manual produced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory, one of the most comprehensive forensic laboratories in the world. Previously published as the Handbook of Forensic Science and updated regularly by Laboratory personnel, the Handbook provides forensic and technical guidelines for the collection, preservation, and submission of evidence. Descriptions of the forensic examinations conducted by the FBI Laboratory, safe and efficient procedures for handling evidence, and methodology for crime scene search and processing are also provided in this manual.

Handbook of Forensic Services


The Handbook of Forensic Services, available online and in CD-ROM and print formats

The updated Handbook (revised 1999) is available to law enforcement personnel and the public in CD-ROM, print, and online formats. Copies of the Handbook may be ordered from the Government Printing Office’s Online Bookstore at: http://bookstore.gpo.gov

Please specify stock number 027-001-00080-7 when ordering the CD-ROM and stock number 027-001-00065-3 when ordering the printed Handbook.