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Short Communications - FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program - January 2008

Short Communications - FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program - January 2008


January 2008 - Volume 10 - Number 1


Short Communication

FBI Laboratory Specialized Training Program: Training Course Date Changes

Markeisha Wickes
Management and Program Analyst

Laura Turner
Management and Program Analyst

Quality Assurance and Training Unit
FBI Laboratory
Quantico, Virginia

The October 2007 issue of Forensic Science Communications published the FBI Laboratory’s training schedule for the 2008 fiscal year (FY). Several modifications to this schedule have occurred as detailed below. Individuals who have applied for these classes do not need to submit new applications to reflect the new course dates. All previous applications remain on file, with the exception of Road Schools and classes that were removed from the schedule.

Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, through its grant with the National Institute of Justice, will host five of the FBI Laboratory’s Specialized Training Program classes during FY 2008. These classes are as follows: three sessions of Crime Scene Survey, Documentation, and Reconstruction, January 14–18, 2008, June 23–27, 2008, and September 15–19, 2008; one session of Examination of Footwear Impression Evidence, April 14–18, 2008; and one session of Latent Print Examinations—Preparing for a Daubert Hearing, May 5–9, 2008. Applicants who have previously applied for these classes should note date changes. Applications received prior to January 2008 will be forwarded accordingly.

One session of Performing Effective Audits, April 21–25, 2008, was added to the training schedule.

The Gunshot Residue Road School sessions, February 18–22, 2008, and August 11–15, 2008; the Toolmark Microscopy Identification Road School, May 12–16, 2008; the Bullet Trajectory Reconstruction Road School, May 12–26, 2008; Crime Scene Photography, August 25–29, 2008; and the Racketeering Records course, September 2–4, 2008, will not be offered as part of the FBI Laboratory’s Specialized Training Program for FY 2008 and henceforth are removed from the training schedule. 

Forensic Photography II, January 7–18, 2008, and DNA Auditor Training, January 23–25, 2008, are cancelled and will likely be rescheduled for later in the fiscal year.

Course dates are subject to change and cancellation, and accordingly, applicants are strongly encouraged to revisit the training schedule to obtain current information.

Course descriptions are available from the FBI Virtual Academy. Direct questions to Markeisha Wickes at markeisha.wickes@ic.fbi.gov or Laura Turner at laura.turner@ic.fbi.gov.