Contents - Forensic Science Communications - January 2006

Contents - Forensic Science Communications - January 2006


January 2006 - Volume 8 - Number 1


Research and Technology trans.gif trans.gif

Complexities in the Use of Bomb-Curve Radiocarbon to Determine Time Since Death of Human Skeletal Remains

Douglas H. Ubelaker and Bruce A. Buchholz

Review of the Scientific Basis for Friction Ridge Comparisons as a Means of Identification: Committee Findings and Recommendations

Bruce Budowle, JoAnn Buscaglia, and Rebecca Schwartz Perlman

Standards and Guidelines trans.gif   

Initial Examinations of Glass   Glass Fractures   Glass Density Determination   Glass Refractive Index Determination trans.gif Elemental Analysis of Glass

Scientific Working Group for Materials Analysis (SWGMAT)

Short Communications trans.gif  

34th Annual Crime Lab Development Symposium   Leadership and Management Training for Forensic Laboratory Directors and Managers trans.gifCall for Road-School Hosts

Anja Einseln

Meetings and Conferences trans.gif trans.gif

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