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Table 1: Results of Group 1 Testing

Table 1 provides the results of Group 1 testing. No significant differences were observed in Group 1 epoxy FTIR spectra. No crystalline material was detected in Group 1 epoxies by XRD. Quick Set Epoxy (Loctite), Gel Epoxy—Super Strength, and Quick Set Epoxy (ACE) could be differentiated by the presence of silicon with XRF. Extra Setting Time Epoxy exhibited a distinguishable pyrogram from the other four epoxies by the presence of an additional unidentified peak at approximately 5 minutes.

Group 1 (Transparent/Yellow in Color) Results
  Extra Setting Time Epoxy Quick Set Epoxy (Loctite) 5 Minute Epoxy Gel Epoxy—Super Strength Quick Set Epoxy (ACE)


No Significant Differences in Spectra


No Diffractable Crystalline Material Detected



Si, S


Si, S

Si, S


Distinguishable Pyrogram

No Significant Differences in Pyrograms