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Standards and Guidelines - Forensic Science Communications - April 2008

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Forensic Science Communications April 2008 — Volume 10 — Number 2
Standards and Guidelines

Best Practices for Archiving Digital and Multimedia Evidence (DME) in the Criminal Justice System

Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT)

Introduction | Archive Creation | Archive Maintenance | Data Migration |
Archive Retention Periods | Discipline-Specific Issues | Suggested Readings | References | Notes | Disclaimer

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As a condition of the use of this document and the information contained herein, SWGIT requests notification by e-mail before or contemporaneously to the introduction of this document, or any portion thereof, as a marked exhibit offered for or moved into evidence in any judicial, administrative, legislative, or adjudicatory hearing or other proceeding (including discovery proceedings) in the United States or any foreign country. Such notification shall include (1) the formal name of the proceeding, including docket number or similar identifier; (2) the name and location of the body conducting the hearing or proceeding; and (3) the name, mailing address (if available), and contact information of the party offering or moving the document into evidence. Subsequent to the use of this document in a formal proceeding, it is requested that SWGIT be notified as to its use and the outcome of the proceeding. Notifications should be sent to SWGIT@yahoogroups.com.

Redistribution Policy

SWGIT grants permission for redistribution and use of all publicly posted documents created by SWGIT, provided that the following conditions are met:

  1. Redistributions of documents, or parts of documents, must retain the SWGIT cover page containing the disclaimer.
  2. Neither the name of SWGIT, nor the names of its contributors, may be used to endorse or promote products derived from its documents.

Any reference or quote from a SWGIT document must include the version number (or create date) of the document and mention if the document is in a draft status.