Chang Figure 1

Chang Figure 1

Figure 1. Electropherograms of Stain M2 in Case 1 (Large)

A. Profiler PlusTM results in GenotyperTM. Based on the five alleles detected at D8 locus, there are at least three contributors to this complex DNA profile. Suspects S4, S5, and S6 cannot be excluded from contributing to this mixture.

B. Y-triplex results in GeneScanTM. The Y-profile confirms the three male contributors to the complex stain M2.

C. DYS439 system in GeneScanTM.

Note that the peak heights of the DYS439 alleles directly indicate the contribution of the three suspects to the complex mix, which is 61% for S6, 31% for S4, and 8% for S5.

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