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Addendum A to Interactive CD-ROM Proficiency Testing and Training: Learning From Experience, by Ashley (Forensic Science Communications, April 2001)


April 2001 - Volume 3 - Number 2

Research and Technology

Interactive CD-ROM Proficiency Testing and Training: Learning From Experience

Addendum A

The following information is provided by the Crime Scene Proficiency Advisory Committee to indicate the responses to the test. Assessment was also based on the notes; photographs; sketches; evidence collection, labeling, and packaging; witness interviews, and the overall sequence or audit trail collected in the After the Fact program.

Scenario: Rape Scene at a Motel

Date: March 15, 1999
Time: 2230 hours

Tracy Boulton, a businesswoman attending a training seminar, was staying at the Greenbank Motel, Greenbank, Australia, when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking it was the motel management, she opened the door and was confronted by a person wearing a disguise over his head, denim jeans, and a black shirt. Before she had time to fight back, she was tackled to the ground and an adhesive tape was placed over her mouth.

Tracy remembers being thrown onto the bed where she was assaulted and raped. She cannot remember anything more until she woke up 30 minutes later.

Figure A1. Sketch of Crime Scene Created by the After the Dark Software Manufacturer

Figure A1. Sketch of crime scene created by the After the Dark software manufacturer. Click the image for a larger version.

Upon waking, she telephoned the motel manager, Guy Pearce. She stated she had been assaulted and asked him to telephone police. Guy Pearce went to Tracy’s room, where the police found him when they arrived.

The police secured the scene by closing the door and leaving it locked with the keys in the possession of the motel manager, Guy Pearce. The police took Tracy to the closest medical clinic and contacted detectives.

Guy Pearce
My name is Guy Pearce, and I am the manager of the Greenbank Motel, Greenbank. On the night of the March 15, 1999, I was asleep on the premises. At approximately midnight, I answered a telephone call from Room 34. A female, Tracy Boulton, screamed that she had been assaulted and asked me to telephone the police. Naturally, I called the police and went to her room, where I stayed until the police arrived. On entering the room, I noticed that it was messy, and she was wearing a dressing gown. I did not touch anything in the room except to comfort Ms. Boulton.

First Aid Officer
My name is Senior Constable White from the Greenbank Police. My partner, Constable Paxton, and I responded to a call to the Greenbank Motel, where a distressed female stated that she had been assaulted and raped. We secured the room by locking the door and leaving the keys with the motel manager for the Criminal Investigation Bureau personnel who attended the next morning. We then took Ms. Boulton to the forensic medical officer for examination and contacted the rape squad. At no time did we touch or move anything in the room.

Tracy Boulton
My name is Tracy Boulton, and I live on my own at 34 Stephens Parade Canberra. I was in Melbourne for a training seminar and stayed at the Greenbank Motel. At approximately 10:30 p.m. on March 15, 1999, I answered a knock at my motel room door and was confronted by a large male wearing dark clothing, jeans, and a disguise on his head. I did not have time to yell because he hit me across the face and then gagged me. He forced himself onto me and raped me on the bed. I do recall trying to scratch or gouge at him. I cannot remember anymore because I must have passed out before I rang the motel manager.

Assessment Test Questions With Anticipated Responses

Initial Action

Question 1: In relation to the control of crime scene, was the action taken by the first attending police sufficient? No

Question 2: Please explain your answer and identify what you would have expected to have occurred.

  • First police should establish if an offense has occurred.
  • Separate witnesses.
  • Notify investigating Criminal Investigation Branch and the Rape Squad.
  • Secure the scene to ensure no contamination (keep control of keys).

Question 3: What questions would you ask of the investigator, victim, motel manager, and first attending police?

  • Where in the scene did they go?
  • What did they touch?
  • Do any of them smoke cigarettes, if so, what brand?
  • Did the victim have recent sex before the attack

Evidence Collection

Question 4: List the physical evidence (exhibits) you would collect from this crime scene.

  1. Blood swab or sample of blood from pillowcase (or pillowcase with bloodstain)
  2. Stain on the bed sheet (or the bed sheet containing stain and other trace evidence)
  3. Underwear on the bed
  4. Tape on the bed (next to pillow)
  5. Tape on the floor
  6. Condom on the floor (near tape)
  7. Tissue on floor near bin
  8. Glass on the bench
  9. Beanie (disguise) on floor under bench area
  10. Cigarette butts in saucer on bedside table
  11. Cigarette butt on floor near the door entrance
  12. Condom packet on bedside table

Question 5:
Explain the reasons for collecting the exhibits that you identified in Question 4.

  1. Identify as to victim’s or suspect’s blood
  2. Identify DNA of stain (possible seminal fluid)
  3. Check to see if torn or not
  4. Check for trace evidence and possible fingerprint of suspect
  5. As above
  6. Check for seminal and vaginal fluids for DNA typing
  7. Check for seminal fluid (victim may have cleaned herself—suspect may have wiped himself)
  8. Fingerprints and if any drug in fluid (inside glass)
  9. Trace evidence of possible suspect
  10. Brand and style for DNA (saliva)
  11. Brand and style for DNA (saliva)
  12. Fingerprints on packet, possible physical match with torn section

Question 6:
What other evidence should be collected as a result of this offence?

  • Medical samples from the examination of the victim (including fingernail scrapings)
  • Blood sample from the motel manager
  • Outer clothing from the motel manager (elimination of trace evidence)
  • Suspect’s clothing and medical samples from suspect

Case Management

Question 7: What other services would you consider necessary in order to process this scene?

Possible answers include:

  • Fingerprint experts
  • Biologist 

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