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Previous Buccal Collection Kit

FDDU Buccal Collection Kit

FDDU Buccal Collection Kit
Previously released before July 23, 2012

  • Kit will contain everything needed in order to obtain two buccal (cheek) swab samples.
  • Kit will be contained in a white tyvek tamper evident envelope (approx. 7 ½ inches by 10 ½ inches)
  • Each kit will contain the following:
    • One request for National DNA Database Entry Form (FD-936)
    • Two EasiCollect™ buccal collection devices
    • Two collection device envelopes
    • Buccal collection instructions
    • One pair of nitrile (latex-free) gloves
    • One pre-inked fingerprint pad
    • Two clean wipes for ink removal
    • One kit return envelope

FDDU Buccal Collection Kit Components


Request for National DNA Database Entry Form (FD-936)


  • The FD-936 form must be completed and submitted in each kit.
  • Detailed instructions on how to properly complete the form and process the kit are located on the back of each form.
  • Read the instructions carefully before initiating collection.
  • Print legibly in the red boxes using black or blue ink.
  • Only one letter or number is allowed per box.
  • Do not use correction fluid (i.e. White-Out)
  • If required information cannot be provided, enter “Unknown”, into the red box for that item.

Request for National DNA Database Entry Form (FD-936)

Submitting Agency


  • The required information provided in the Submitting Agency section is dependent on whether the agency is collecting the DNA sample from a Convicted Offender, Arrestee, or Detainee. For example, if a federal agency is collecting the DNA sample from an arrestee, the “Federal Arresting Agency” box should be selected. However, if the same federal agency is collecting the DNA sample from a detainee, the “Federal Detainee Agency” box should be selected. It is essential that this section is filled out completely and correctly. Additional questions on how to properly complete this section may be directed to the FDDU at (703) 632-7529.
    • Convicted Offenderany individual convicted of a federal offense or a certain District of Columbia qualifying offense.
      • Bureau of Prisons: Write facility code and sequence number (DNA Number).
      • CSOSA: Place an “X” in the box marked “CSOSA.”
      • Federal Probation: Write probation district number.
    • ArresteeAny individual arrested or facing charges for a federal offense.
      • Any federal agency collecting the DNA sample from an Arrestee: Place an “X” in the box marked “Federal Arresting Agency.”
      • Samples taken by a joint task force are acceptable as long as the individual has been arrested and is facing federal charges.
    • DetaineeAny non-U.S. person who is detained under the authority of the United States.
      • Any federal agency collecting the DNA sample from a detainee: Place an “X” in the box marked “Federal Detainee Agency”.
  • FDDU does not accept the following types of samples:

    • Samples used as reference specimens in criminal cases.
    • Any sample given voluntarily by an individual who is not a detainee or an arrestee facing federal charges.

Agency Contact Information


  • All agencies need to complete the fields.
  • A mailing label containing all of the necessary contact information may be used for this section only.

Offender Personal Information


  • Complete all fields.
  • Any known aliases may be listed in the spaces on the back of the form.

Other Information


  • Provide all available information.
  • At least one identifying number must be provided, including social security number, FBI number, BOP number, and Alien number.

Sample Collection Information


  • The individuals collecting the buccal sample should print their name and the date of collection in the appropriate boxes.
  • The persons collecting the buccal sample must sign their name within the red signature box.

Fingerprint Collection


  • The DNA collection kit will not be accepted without legible fingerprints.
  • The person taking the fingerprints must sign in the red Fingerprint Collector box.



  • Fingerprints should be taken from both the left and right index fingers.
  • It is imperative that the left index finger be placed in the left index finger box and the right index finger be placed in the right index finger box.
  • If an index finger is not available, a thumb or other finger may be used. The alternate finger that was used must be documented on the FD-936 form.
  • Space is available on the back of the form if fingerprint re-prints are needed.
  • Clean wipes are provided to remove ink from the fingers.

Request for National DNA Database Entry Form (FD-936) Removing Ink

Safety/Contamination Precaution

  • Wear gloves at all times while handling the buccal collection devices. 

Safety/Contamination Precaution: Gloves

Buccal Collection Device


Buccal Collection Procedure

Buccal Collection Procedure: Buccal Collection Procedure

Each kit will have a detailed instruction sheet for how to obtain a buccal sample.

  • Open the FTA Card end of the protective sleeve and partially slide out the device.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Opening Device

  • Leave the foam applicator in the protective sleeve.
  • Turn over the device and slide the FTA card out of the device.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Recording Offender Name

  • Record the offender name, collection date, and collector name on the FTA card. Samples without this information will not be accepted.


  • The information recorded on the FD-936 must be identical to the information captured on the DNA collection card. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of the DNA sample by FDDU.
  • Slide the FTA card back into the collection device.
  • Remove the device completely from the sleeve.
  • Hold the plastic stem and angle it slightly. This is the collection position.
  • Place the foam applicator into the mouth.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Foam Applicator in Mouth

  • Soak up as much saliva as possible by running the applicator along the gum-line, at the fold line in the cheek, and under the tongue.
  • Then, swab the inside of the cheeks for 15 seconds.
  • Remove the plastic protective film from the FTA card holder.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Remove the Film

  • Fold device at the hinge joint.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Closing Buccal Device

  • Press the foam applicator onto the FTA card and snap down two notches to the lowest position on the stem snap located on the handle. Ensure that there is contact between the foam head and the FTA card.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Closing Buccal Device

  • Leave the foam applicator in contact with the FTA card for at least 10 seconds.
  • Release the foam applicator from under the foam head snap by bending back on the handle of the device.
  • Fold the stem again and snap into the top position on the stem snap. This ensures the foam applicator is not touching the FTA card.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Closing Buccal Device 2

  • Allow the FTA card to dry for five minutes.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Buccal Drying

  • Package in the supplied buccal collector envelope.

Buccal Collection Procedure: Packaging

  • The envelope should be closed using the self-adhesive strip, and if applicable, tape. Do not moisten envelope with saliva to close.
  • Repeat buccal collection with the second buccal collection device.


  • The FD-936 form and the two pouches containing the buccal collection devices should be placed into the white return envelope.


  • Remove the adhesive backing and seal the envelope.




  • Kits should be mailed within 24 hours to the FBI Laboratory using the United States Postal Service.
  • Postage is not necessary.

Kit Rejections

  • Kits will be rejected for the following reasons:
    • The name on the FD-936 form does not match the name on the FTA card.
    • No name on the FD-936 form or FTA card.
    • No fingerprints or illegible fingerprints on the FD-936 form.
    • Damaged evidence seal.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact the Federal DNA Database Unit at (703) 632-7529.