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New Automated Security Tool

New Automated Security Tool Added to Enhance FBI’s Systems

WASHINGTON (February 2010)—It’s a big job keeping the FBI’s computer systems protected from today’s threats. To better deploy, manage, and report on all aspects of its information technology systems and services, the Bureau is making changing to its systems management. As part of a comprehensive strategy, the FBI recently implemented a new patch management tool on their sensitive but unclassified network.

The deployment took only a week, yet when completed placed tens of thousands of assets under centralized management. After deploying the tool, the FBI then began standardizing its operating system and application patch levels, ensuring up-to-date antivirus protection was deployed, validating desktop firewall settings, and completing a variety of additional security initiatives.

“Systems management may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but our team understands and appreciates the fact that it is a fundamental component of providing truly outstanding services to our customers,” said Chad L. Fulgham, the FBI’s Chief Information Officer.

With the FBI’s aggressive security policies and standards in conjunction with this new tool, systems compliance has increased dramatically. Implementing this automated, time-saving process will facilitate quicker delivery of software to customers, and ensures that the FBI is compliant with software licensing agreements.

The new patch management tool is being considered for other applications within the FBI’s systems management architecture. In the coming months, it will be integrated into the Bureau’s network access control (NAC) system, which monitors hardware such as servers, desktops, laptops, etc., and performs automatic updates before allowing them network access.

Leveraging technology advances such as these, the FBI’s Information and Technology Branch is able to provide better and faster services to support its Bureau customers.

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