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Next Generation Network (NGN) Project Speeds Up the FBI

WASHINGTON (February 2010)—The FBI is continuing an aggressive upgrade to its information technology (IT) infrastructure. The Next Generation Network (NGN) project, which began approximately nine months ago, has modernized the FBI’s IT “backbone” to one that is further aligned with current industry best practices.

Chad L. Fulgham, the FBI’s Chief Information Officer, stated that “the Network Engineering team designed a state of the art network in partnership with some of our major vendors. Ripping out an enterprise network and rebuilding it from scratch in a period of approximately six months is quite impressive. The collective team did a wonderful job.”

The NGN project migrated the FBI’s Wide Area Network (WAN) from the current Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Frame Relay-based architecture to an Internet Protocol (IP)/Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) architecture that can support the FBI’s growing needs for integrated data, voice, video services, and other future applications. This effort helped to further “flatten” the network, reducing complexity, improving operational efficiency, and increasing network availability with the core backbone receiving a 45 times increase in bandwidth.

To simplify, this improvement means making the network a larger “highway” to carry more information and do it faster, and then also making this “highway” have less “red lights” to slow traffic. Most importantly, this new network with its increased bandwidth has benefited the FBI workforce with greater access and speed to the network.

Although the FBI’s nearly 400 resident agencies around the country experienced the most significant improvements, all Bureau locations benefited from the upgrade. This new network will support the current and future demands of the FBI.

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