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Fresh BlackBerry Devices in Stock at FBI

Fresh BlackBerry Devices in Stock at FBI

WASHINGTON (August 2010)—This summer, all BlackBerry device users at FBI Headquarters, field offices, and resident agencies around the country, as well as Legal Attaches overseas, are receiving brand new devices as the FBI continues with technology refresh activities.

Based on their service provider, customers will receive either the new BlackBerry Tour 9630 or BlackBerry Bold 9700. The new devices are fully equipped with all standard BlackBerry applications, Microsoft Outlook e-mail access, and a camera with photo and video capabilities.

"The new models feature enhanced capabilities and functionality to better facilitate communication and support the FBI’s mission," said the Bureau’s CIO Chad Fulgham.

Users are also “going green” by recycling their old devices and accessories. Recycling old BlackBerry devices is not only beneficial to the FBI, but also to the environment and may give these devices a second chance for service. After a device has reached the end of its use, it is cleared of all information and recycled through a third party company. If the device is still in working condition and can be refurbished, the Bureau receives a monetary credit. A third party company purchases the devices and revamps them to sell to new customers.

However, if the device is not serviceable and is beyond repair, the company follows Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) guidelines for recycling all components, batteries, and accessories.

This BlackBerry deployment is part of the Information and Technology Branch’s (ITB) overall technical refresh strategy plan. To better equip the FBI’s ever more mobile and global workforce, the ITB will schedule and upgrade new technology to keep up-to-date with capabilities and industry standards. From desktop computers to handheld devices, continual upgrades will ensure that FBI agents, intelligence analysts, and professional staff have the most current technology tools and resources they need to achieve the Bureau’s mission.

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