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FBI Models Industry with Technology Makeover

FBI Models Industry with Technology Makeover

WASHINGTON (July 2010)—As technology moves forward, the FBI is working diligently to keep up with the pace. Modernizing the Bureau’s information technology infrastructure and equipment has been a top priority over the past year, and it is nearly complete.

The Next Generation Network (NGN) project, which involved replacing the entire FBI enterprise network, is now providing 45 times more bandwidth on the network's backbone for agents to communicate, collaborate, and share mission-critical information more quickly and easily than ever before. This larger “data superhighway” allows information to move faster, and translates into faster connections.

Along with a new network, a new desktop computer work environment is also changing the way that the Bureau conducts business and how agents, analysts, and professional staff interact with information and each other. The Next Generation Workspace (NGW) includes Microsoft Office 2007, with advanced collaboration tools like Live Meeting and Office Communicator for easy communication.

Headsets and web cams complete the hardware package, allowing for high-speed “face-to-face” voice over Internet Protocol (IP) and video teleconferencing from any internal FBINet computer. Need to have a meeting, but not every participant is in the same location? No problem. Communicator and Live Meeting facilitate that conversation over the classified network, and even allow you to see what is on another colleague’s computer screen with their sharing capabilities.

"A special agent in Washington, D.C. can now video call other agents in our various domestic and international locations with the click of a button," said FBI's CIO Chad Fulgham.

NGN and NGW are blazing trails for the FBI’s technological future. Through these projects, the Bureau has entered a strategic new era of information technology that provides the flexibility to add new services, features, applications, and future technologies with ease. 

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