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Cyber One-Stop Shopping and Real-Time Tracking

Cyber One-Stop Shopping and Real-Time Tracking

WASHINGTON (December 2010)—FBI investigations can take lots of time and manpower before a case is closed. Managing logistics, budgets, and operational information can be overwhelming. That’s when agents of the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Unit-3 (CCU-3) turn to a key software tool, provided by the Information and Technology Branch, called the Cyber Crimes Task Force (CCTF) application.

This tool gives the CCU-3 the ability to track and report budgetary and operational information in real time, as well as enter and retrieve names, figures, law enforcement agencies, staffing and funding requirements, and other statistical information from a centralized database. Being able to access this type of information quickly and easily provides improved accuracy and efficiency during investigations.

Prior to the CCTF application, task force members maintained multiple spreadsheets in different locations with no search capability or features to find information quickly. Generating quarterly and annual reports required analysts to manually search through the various spreadsheets, which usually resulted in incomplete or inconsistent data. The process was time-consuming with excessive information gaps.

The CCTF application houses both budgetary and operational data. Budgetary items include funding for vehicle leases, fuel, BlackBerry devices, overtime, training, travel, and equipment.  Operational data include arrests and seizures beginning in Fiscal Year 2009, with plans to expand the scope of data within the next year. The CCTF application also has a built-in search tool that allows users to query the database without having to send data calls, a time-consuming method of transmitting data between field offices. Each task force can use this level of reporting to track statistical accomplishments more precisely in real time and measure success more accurately.

“This application is really ‘one-stop’ shopping for us,” said a Special Agent from the CCU-3.  “Not only will it help to end the number of data calls sent to the field, but it will also provide a more accurate picture of the entire task force.”

CCU-3 anticipates that the CCTF application will save more than 150 man hours per year. One more way the Bureau is streamlining information and applications to stay on top of the information age.

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