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FBI’s Information and Technology Branch Reorganization

FBI’s Information and Technology Branch Reorganization

WASHINGTON (May 2010)—U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has received notification that Congress has approved the FBI’s proposed restructure of its Information and Technology Branch (ITB). Both the U.S. House and Senate Subcommittees on Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies reviewed the proposal, and took the final step to approve the reorganization. This exciting milestone marks the successful completion of the reorganization approval process that began in January 2009 after numerous discussions with senior FBI and Congressional leaders, stakeholders, and ITB staff.

The branch was transformed from four divisions to three, and two new offices were created to address the growing needs of the FBI. Previously segmented divisions were organized to better define the roles and responsibilities, more logically group together functional areas, and facilitate better collaboration. The resulting three divisions are the IT Management Division (formerly the Office of IT Program Management and the Office of IT Policy and Planning), the IT Engineering Division (formerly the Office of IT Systems Development), and the IT Services Division (formerly the IT Operations Division). The Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer and the IBT Executive Staff Section remain unchanged.

The ITB remains committed to delivering the most current IT tools and capabilities that support the critical mission to fight terrorism and crime, to protect and defend the nation. The new organizational structure helps make the Bureau more efficient and effective, supports streamlined decision-making and decisive action, reduces layers of management and hierarchy, provides a more service-oriented focus to address the needs of FBI customers, and builds a foundation of common sense business conduct and best practices. Through these changes, the ITB continues to capitalize on the benefits of the reorganization to the FBI as a whole.

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