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Jeffrey C. Johnson – Assistant Director and Chief Technology Officer, Information Technology Applications and Data Division

Jeffrey C. JohnsonMr. Jeffrey C. Johnson is the assistant director of the Information Technology Applications and Data Division and the FBI’s chief technology officer. He is responsible for developing world class Information Technology (IT) solutions in support of case management, data management, and mobility as well as best practices to provide continuous innovation of the FBI’s IT systems worldwide. Through outstanding interpersonal skills, creative problem solving, and sound innovations, Mr. Johnson has significantly advanced the level of IT being provided to all FBI divisions. His projects—Sentinel, the Asset Management System, Next Generation Workstation, and BaseJumper—were recognized and received the FBI Director’s Award. 

Prior to joining the FBI in August 2009, Mr. Johnson served in the private sector where he managed IT development projects, including enterprise instant messaging platforms, and he implemented world-class solutions for server build, patching, server management, server imaging, and host intrusion prevention. From 2008 to 2009, Mr. Johnson served as financial services director of sales with Aditi Technologies where he oversaw relationships and business strategies with the company’s North American customers. He also served in several technology roles with Lehman Brothers from 2004 to 2008. 

Mr. Johnson received a bachelor of science degree with merit in marine engineering form the U.S. Naval Academy and attained the rank of lieutenant during his five-year naval career. He is a 2014 ComputerWorld Premier 100 IT Leaders award recipient. His teams were also recognized for their work with Sentinel, the FBI’s electronic case management system, with the 2012 FBI Director’s Award for Outstanding Information Management, the 2013 Attorney General’s Award for Excellence in Information Technology, and the 2013 Computer World Honors Laureate Award.

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