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UCR Program Contacts

UCR Program Contacts

To request information about:


Crime Statistics Management Unit
- Program administration and management
- Policy
- UCR Advisory Process
- Information about crime data submissions
- Data reporting problems
- Data quality
- Population information
- Data requests
- Data in UCR publications

Telephone (304) 625-4830
Facsimile (304) 625-3566

UCR Data Submissions
All UCR data submissions must come to this e-mail address.



UCR Redevelopment Project (UCRRP)
All correspondence regarding the paperless initiative



Law Enforcement Online (LEO)
- Technical Assistance /Help Desk
- Toll free (24/7) ac
cess to the UCR database for data submission
- Password administration
- Web assistance

Telephone (888) 334-4536

NIBRS Coordinator
- NIBRS certification process
- NIBRS policy
- Federal funding for NIBRS-compliant records management systems
- Converting from the SRS to the NIBRS

Telephone (304) 625-2982
Fax (304) 625-3566

Attention: NIBRS Coordinator

UCR Training
- Requests for training
- Questions about classifying and scoring

Telephone (888) 827-6427

Quality Assurance Reviews
Assistance for law enforcement in assessing the integrity of their data and complying with program requirements

Telephone (304) 625-3020
Facsimile (304) 625-3457

UCR Program Online
- UCR Program data
- Data self-query capability
- Data submission specifications & manuals
- Publications
- Reference information
- Frequently asked questions


Send correspondence to:
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Criminal Justice Information Services Division, Uniform Crime Reporting Program, 1000 Custer Hollow Road, Clarksburg, WV 26306-0159


Latest Releases

Hate Crimes 2014
Law enforcement agencies reported 5,479 hate crime incidents involving 6,418 offenses in 2014. Details

Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted
The latest edition of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted provides national statistics on lives lost in 2014. Details

Crime Stats for 2014
The number of violent crimes and property crimes reported in 2014 decreased from 2013 levels. 

2014 Crime in the United States, thumbnail graphic

National Incident Based Reporting System 2013
The third published national stats from NIBRS includes crime data from 6,328 law enforcement agencies. Details

Crime Stats for 2013
The number of violent crimes and property crimes in 2013 decreased from 2012 levels. 
Crime in the United States 2013