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N-DEx Brochure

N-DEx Brochure

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The National Data Exchange (N-DEx) is the only national investigative information sharing system. N-DEx enables agencies to leverage the power of the entire criminal justice community.

N-DEx automatically “connects the dots” between seemingly unrelated data.

Harness the power of N-DEx.

  • Gain free and immediate access to information that spans records from the full criminal justice lifecycle.
  • Search local, state, tribal, and federal criminal justice records.
  • Detect relationships between people, events, property, and locations.
  • Share valuable case information in a secure real-time environment.
  • Use advanced analytical tools to graphically depict your investigations and identify “hot spots” of criminal activity.
  • Receive notification when new records of interest enter the system or when another user searches similar interests.  

N-DEx is an investigative, operational, and tactical resource that enhances public safety.

N-DEx enhances the criminal justice community’s ability to share relevant information in a timely and secure manner in order to generate leads, identify victims, find unknown subjects, and identify and combine victim losses.

N-DEx was created with the security and privacy of criminal justice information in mind. N-DEx allows agencies to determine what data they will share, with whom, and at what level of openness:

  • Ownership of data submissions to N-DEx always remains with the submitting agency.
  • N-DEx provides agencies with flexible sharing options.
  • Prior to using information found in N-DEx, users must obtain approval from the record-owning agency.
  • Agencies have the ability, through their own systems, to provide their personnel access to N-DEx via a desktop icon.

“The question is often asked, ‘...where is my incentive to contribute data?’ My feeling is that by sharing information with N-DEx, my data is now open to thousands of investigators. This is the real value of the system: the ability to leverage the resources and expertise of the entire criminal justice community to solve crime and enhance public safety.”

Sheriff Larry Stelma, Kent County, Michigan

The N-DEx Program Office provides free technical support to assist agencies in contributing data and providing officers access to the system. To learn how your agency can participate, contact the N-DEx Program Office at ndex@leo.gov.

N-DEx: The right information in the right hands right now.

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How N-DEx Can Help Your Agency
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