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N-Dex User Access

Accessing the N-DEx system.

User Access

There are several methods available for authorized users to access N-DEx, including going through the Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) or through a direct portal interface from their agency’s system.

For agency-specific methods of access, please contact the N-DEx Program Office. Steps to access N-DEx via LEEP are detailed below.

Accessing N-DEx through the LEEP

N-DEx users with a LEEP account can access the N-DEx system through a link on the LEEP home page. The LEEP is only available to persons employed by a law enforcement, criminal justice, or public safety agency, whose positions require secure communication with other criminal justice agencies. When requesting access, be aware that the LEEP and N-DEx are official U.S. Government systems, authorized for use only by approved members of the criminal justice communities.

N-DEx System Account Process

Users must have a LEEP account to obtain an N-DEx account. To secure a LEEP account, follow instructions provided on the LEEP website at https://www.cjis.gov.  During the online application process, users will be prompted to read and acknowledge the FBI Information Technology and Information Systems Rules of Behavior (ROB) for General Users Agreement Form. Submit the completed application and ROB to the LEEP Membership Office by clicking the submit button. Upon approval of a LEEP account, users will be notified via e-mail or telephone that their account has been established and will be provided a LEEP user name and password.

To request N-DEx system access, a user should scroll down the list of services on the LEEP home page and locate N-DEx. In the Access column for N-DEx, select the Request Access link which displays the N-DEx Special Interest Group (SIG).

On the N-DEx SIG screen, select the applicable link (Federal or States). Instructions for requesting N-DEx SIG membership and system access are provided on the Sub-SIG page. Once N-DEx SIG membership has been approved by the responsible agency or state CJIS Systems Officer (CSO), or designee, the user will be notified via e-mail, which will include further instructions for accessing the N-DEx system.

If you are still unable to access N-DEx, please contact the N-DEx Help Desk at 304-625-0555 during the hours of 7:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. (EST). After hours or during the weekend, please contact the CJIS Division Help Desk at 304-625-HELP (4357). 

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How N-DEx Can Help Your Agency
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