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Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE)

  • Closeup of Person’s Face and Eyes (Stock Image)

    U.S. Government
    Facial Recognition
    Legal Series


    The FBI Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE) has sponsored a series of
    interagency facial recognition (FR)
    legal and policy forums. Details
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    The National
    Biometics Challenge September 2011


    Advances made as government,
    academia, and the private sector
    have collaboratively responded to the
    priorities identified in 2006. Details
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    Biometrics: A Decade
    of Progress since


    An overview of the advancements
    in biometric technology across the
    federal government since 9/11. Details

Welcome to the Biometric Center of Excellence (BCOE)

The FBI’s BCOElocated in Clarksburg, West Virginiais the FBI’s program for exploring and advancing the use of new and enhanced biometric technologies and capabilities for integration into operations. Every day, the BCOE strives to deliver state-of-the-art biometric tools and technologies to law enforcement and intelligence personnel working in communities around the world.


Commonly implemented or studied biometric modalities include fingerprint, face, iris, voice, hand writer recognition, and hand geometry. There is not one biometric modality that is best for all implementations, and many factors must be taken into account when implementing a biometric device, including location, security risks, task (identification or verification), expected number of users, user circumstances, existing data, etc.

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