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National Crime Prevention and Privacy Compact Council

Compact Council Members as of 5/21/15

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Chair, Ms. Dawn A. Peck, Idaho State Police

Vice Chair, Dr. Natalie A. Chrastil, Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation

Ms. Katie Bower, Michigan State Police

Ms. Becky Fleming-Siebenaler, Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services

Mr. Jason A. Henry, Department of Homeland Security

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kellett, New Hampshire Department of Safety

Ms. Julie A. Lackner, Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Mr. Michael C. Lesko, Texas Department of Public Safety

Ms. Deborah S. McKinney, Oklahoma Information Services Division

Mr. Merton W. Miller, U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Ms. Liane M. Moriyama, Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

Mr. Stephen L. Morris, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Ms. Carole Shelton, Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Mr. Matthew R. Ruel, Maine State Bureau of Identification

Captain Thomas W. Turner, Virginia State Police


Updated 5/21/2015