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Additional State Compact Officers

Additional State Compact Officers

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Additional State Compact Officers

Mr. Chris G. Andrist, Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Brad A. Cazort, Arkansas Crime Information Center

Ms. Eleanor Cooperider, Montana Department of Justice

Captain Michael G. Corsaro, West Virginia State Police

Mr. Adam DeCamp, Iowa Department of Public Safety

Ms. Terri Fisher, Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Ms. Rickeya Franklin, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation

Major Brandon Gray, New Jersey Division of State Police

Mr. Jeffrey R. Kellett, New Hampshire Department of Safety

Ms. Mindy McKay, Nevada Department of Public Safety

Ms. Deborah S. McKinney, Oklahoma Information Services Division

Ms. Kathryn M. Monfreda, Alaska Department of Public Safety

Ms. Leslie Moore, Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Wyatt Pettengill, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation

Captain Larry W. Plunkett, Jr., Missouri State Highway Patrol

Mr. Charles I. Schaeffer, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Mr. Dane Silcox, Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection

Major Jennie M. Temple, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division

Ms. Melanie A. Veilleux, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Mr. Jeffrey Wallin, Vermont Criminal Information Center

Ms. Patricia R. Whitfield, Oregon State Police