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FBI Launches Trauma Notification Training

The FBI has launched an updated, mobile-friendly Trauma Notification Training program to help ensure trauma notifications are delivered with professionalism, dignity, and compassion.





  • 04.18.2024

    Inside the FBI Podcast: Investigating Torture

    On this episode of Inside the FBI, we’ll share the story behind a joint investigation by the FBI and Homeland Security Investigations that helped secure the second-ever conviction under the United States’ federal torture statute since its implementation in 1994.

  • 03.29.2024

    Inside the FBI Podcast: What Happened to Karla Rodriguez?

    On this episode of Inside the FBI, learn how the Bureau and our law enforcement partners are working to find Karla Carolina Rodriguez, who disappeared in Las Vegas in October 1999.

  • 02.29.2024

    Inside the FBI Podcast: The Phantom Hacker Scam

    On this episode of Inside the FBI, learn about the Phantom Hacker scam—a type of tech support scam that's growing in popularity—and how to avoid becoming its next victim.

  • 01.26.2024

    Inside the FBI Podcast: Top Ten Fugitive Vitel'Homme Innocent

    On this episode of Inside the FBI, learn about Ten Most Wanted Fugitive Vitel’Homme Innocent—leader of the Haitian gang Kraze Barye—who was allegedly involved in kidnapping U.S. citizens and holding them hostage.