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White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime, a term reportedly first coined in 1939, is synonymous with the full range of frauds committed by business and government professionals.


    Mail Fraud, Making and Subscribing a False Return

    Dennis Bjorklund was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in July 2010 in the Southern District of Iowa on multiple fraud and tax-related charges. Bjorklund, an attorney at the time of his alleged crime, fabricated a charity and had numerous OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) and DUI (Driving While Intoxicating) clients mail money orders or checks to the charity. Bjorklund's clients thought they were making a charitable donation that "looked good to the courts." However, Bjorklund allegedly ended up with the "charitable" funds.

    Bjorklund is most likely in the company of his longtime girlfriend, Rochelle "Shelly" Theroux. This female is not a fugitive from law enforcement. She has ties to the Wisconsin area, including New London, Wisconsin. Bjorklund has ties to Coralville, Iowa, as well as Birnamwood, Green Bay, and Pulaski, Wisconsin. Bjorklund is most likely traveling in one of the following vehicles registered to Theroux: 1) A 2003 beige Chevrolet Malibu, Iowa license tag 548RWA; 2) A 2006 red Chevrolet Silverado pickup, Iowa license tag 188RWD; or 3) A 2004 blue Chevrolet Cavalier, Iowa license tag 033TAH.

    • Dan Jorklund
    • Dan Jorkland
    Date(s) of Birth Used: September 29, 1964 Hair: Brown
    Place of Birth: Unknown Eyes: Hazel
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 185 pounds Sex: Male
    Race: White
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Rochelle Theroux (not a fugitive)