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    International Parental Kidnapping

    From 1990 to 1996, Chere Lyn Tomayko and her boyfriend were involved in child custody proceedings for Alexandria Camille Cyprian and acting as "joint managing guardians." In December of 1996, the Tarrant County District Court, Tarrant County, Texas, determined that both parents should retain joint custody. It was also determined that Alexandria's residence would be in Tarrant County.

    In May of 1997, Chere Tomayko fled Texas with Alexandria Camille Cyprian in violation of the court order. Further investigation determined that, at that time, Tomayko left the United States with Alexandria and her other daughter and may have fled to Costa Rica. On November 15, 2000, Tomayko was indicted by a federal grand jury in the Northern District of Texas, Fort Worth Division, on one count of international parental kidnapping.

    Tomayko may have fled to Costa Rica. She has the following scars: a scar on the outside of her left leg below the knee, a biopsy scar on the left side of her chest, a scar on her abdomen from a C-Section, and scars on her chest from breast implant surgery.

    • Chere Cyprian
    • Chere Singleton
    • Chere Fuller
    • Chere Tomayko
    • Chere L. Tomayko
    Date(s) of Birth Used: February 23, 1962 Hair: Blonde
    Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'2''
    Weight: 90 pounds Sex: Female
    Race: White
    Occupation: Licensed Vocational Nurse
    Photograph taken in 1997
    Photograph age progressed to 12 years