Patch Call

Patch Call


Coalinga, California, was founded in 1888 as “Coaling Station A” for the Southern Pacific railroad. Its history is founded upon the oil derricks depicted on the patch of its police department. Since the late-19th century, the city has played a key role in California’s oil production. Coalinga is located near California’s South Coast Ranges, also depicted on the city’s police patch.

Closter, New Jersey, was settled in 1704 and was incorporated as a borough 200 years later. Its police department patch depicts a horseman. On November 20, 1776, a farmer witnessed 5,000 British troops landing at Closter Dock on the Hudson River and rode nine miles south to warn the Continental Army at Fort Lee, allowing for the Americans’ successful retreat ahead of the British advance.


October 2012 LEB portlet

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Community Policing to Prevent Violent Extremism
Law enforcement is moving forward using the community policing philosophy to address violent extremism.
By Dan Silk

Leadership Spotlight
Different Voices

Mastering Rapport and Having Productive Conversations
Investigators cannot maximize their success without effective interpersonal skills.
By Robin K. Dreeke

ViCAP Alert
Serial Murder

Focus on Organizational Culture
Strengthening Police Organizations Through Interpersonal Leadership

Bulletin Honors
Canton, Ohio, Police Memorial

Becoming More Resilient
Everyone can develop the resilience they need to live an enriched life, even in the midst of trials.
By Jean G. Larned

Bulletin Report
Radio Interoperability

A Reminder to Our Readers

Bulletin Notes

Patch Call

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