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A Reminder to Our Readers

A Reminder to Our Readers The Bulletin Moves to Online Only

A Reminder to Our Readers
The Bulletin Moves to Online Only

We wanted to remind our readers that the last print copy of the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin will be the December issue. We are enhancing the magazine’s online presence with an updated web page in January 2013. The Bulletin will continue to produce academically renowned, peer-reviewed content. The sleeker-looking, online format will improve readability and search capability, maximize accessibility, provide more opportunities for readers and authors to communicate, and be available on mobile devices. To see current and archived issues, updated author guidelines for online submissions, and more, visit http://www.fbi.gov/stats-services/publications/law-enforcement-bulletin. If you have questions, please e-mail us at our new address leb@ic.fbi.gov. We look forward to hearing from you.

John E. Ott
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.


October 2012 LEB portlet

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Community Policing to Prevent Violent Extremism
Law enforcement is moving forward using the community policing philosophy to address violent extremism.
By Dan Silk

Leadership Spotlight
Different Voices

Mastering Rapport and Having Productive Conversations
Investigators cannot maximize their success without effective interpersonal skills.
By Robin K. Dreeke

ViCAP Alert
Serial Murder

Focus on Organizational Culture
Strengthening Police Organizations Through Interpersonal Leadership

Bulletin Honors
Canton, Ohio, Police Memorial

Becoming More Resilient
Everyone can develop the resilience they need to live an enriched life, even in the midst of trials.
By Jean G. Larned

Bulletin Report
Radio Interoperability

A Reminder to Our Readers

Bulletin Notes

Patch Call

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