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Social Media and Law Enforcement
The power of the Internet and social media can bring new dangers to officers and their families.
By Gwendolyn Waters

Leadership Spotlight
The Leader Knows Best?

The Corporate Psychopath
Law enforcement officers must communicate effectively and observe carefully when interacting with these individuals.
By Paul Babiak and Mary Ellen O’Toole

ViCAP Alert
Missing Person

Documenting a Suspect’s State of Mind
A useful interview protocol can help investigators deal with a suspect’s mental state.
By Park Dietz

Bulletin Honors
Titusville, Florida, American Police Hall of Fame Memorial

Bulletin Reports
Mobility of Criminal Groups, Identity Theft, Gang Resistance Education, and Evidence Collection Guidelines

Online Author Guidelines

Supreme Court Cases, 2011-2012 Term
A number of Supreme Court decisions of particular importance to law enforcement are summarized.
By Kevin Chechak

Bulletin Notes

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