Patch Call

Patch Call


Various milestones in the history of Shreveport, Louisiana, are depicted on the patch of its police department. Flowing prominently at the bottom is the Red River, along which Shreveport was founded in 1833. The trees featured in the center represent the logging industry, and the American eagle symbolizes integrity and freedom. To the right is a profile of the Caddo Indian, who once occupied the local territory.

The city of Franklin, New Hampshire adopted its name in 1820 in honor of Benjamin Franklin. Another famous American statesman, Daniel Webster, is depicted on the patch of the Franklin Police Department. Webster was born in 1782 in a section of Franklin that was then part of Salisbury, New Hampshire. His birthplace has been preserved and is a state historic site.


October 2011 LEB Table of Contents

Table of Contents
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Cyber Terror
By William L. Tafoya
Law enforcement agencies must understand this modern threat and guard vigilantly against it.

Crimes Against Children Spotlight

Police Practice
Incorporating Hot-Spots Policing into Your Daily Patrol Plan

Policing in Public Schools
By Gary D. Rudick
Law enforcement agencies must be prepared for the diverse challenges present in today’s school environment.

Leadership Spotlight
Learning from failure

Supreme Court Cases
2010-2011 Term

By Michael J. Bulzomi
A number of Supreme Court decisions of particular importance to law enforcement are summarized.

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Patch Call

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