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Patch Call

Patch Call

Clinton Police Department
Hoonah Police Department

The Clinton, Connecticut, Police Department patch prominently displays the town’s official seal, which includes an eagle, an anchor, two flintlock rifles, and a military drum. In the center of the seal, two small images highlight the industries that first supported the town’s early population: a plow, symbolizing agriculture, and a fish, illustrating the fishing community. The year 1939 indicates the date when the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation to establish the town’s police department.

The patch of the Hoonah, Alaska, Police Department honors many natural wonders of the city and surrounding areas. Hoonah and nearby Chicagof Island have the highest per-capita grizzly bear population of any city in the world, hence the one in the center. Eagle and raven totem poles honor the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes. The snow-capped mountains capture the scenic landscape of Chicagof Island, and the water beneath them depicts the inland passage to the Pacific Ocean. The fishing boat at the bottom recognizes the importance of the local fishing industry.


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Addressing School Violence
By Brandi Booth, Vincent B. Van Hasselt, and Gregory M. Vecchi
Investigators can make accurate threat assessments in school settings by recognizing the warning signs.

Police Corruption
By Rich Martin
Policing requires perfection and unyielding ethics and ultimately depends on each employee’s own level of knowledge, rationality, and devotion to moral excellence.

The Current Status of GSR Examinations
By Michael Trimpe
Gunshot residue examinations have continued to improve through research, advancements, and communication.

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Michigan Fallen Heroes Memorial


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