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The patch of the Jefferson Township, New Jersey, Police Department centers on the naming of the department’s jurisdiction. The township was incorporated in 1804, the same year as Thomas Jefferson’s recorded inauguration as the third president of the United States. As such, the patch displays a profile bust of Thomas Jefferson, intersecting U.S. and New Jersey flags, and the year 1804.

The central emblem on the patch of the San Francisco, California, Police Department depicts a phoenix, a mythological bird. According to ancient mythology, a phoenix’s tears have magical healing powers, and the creature experiences rebirth from its own ashes after death. Like the phoenix, San Francisco rose from the ashes after a devastating fire and earthquake in 1906. In the gold ribbon below the graphic reads the city’s motto, which translates to “Gold in Peace, Iron in War.”


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Human Sex Trafficking
By Amanda Walker-Rodriguez and Rodney Hill
Human sex trafficking is a serious problem for every level of law enforcement.

The Emergency Aid Exception to the Fourth Amendment’s Warrant Requirement
By Michael T. Pettry
Exigent circumstances may allow officers an exception to the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement.

Focus on Supervision
The Two Roles of Supervision in Performance Counseling

Principles of Effective Law Enforcement Leadership

Leadership Spotlight
Leadership Etiquette and Common Sense

Police Practice
Decreasing Urban Crime

Bulletin Honors
Essex County Police Academy Law Enforcement Officer Memorial

Bulletin Report
Roadside Visibility Issues

 Author Guidelines

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