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The Bulletin Notes

The Bulletin Notes

Law enforcement officers are challenged daily in the performance of their duties; they face each challenge freely and unselfishly while answering the call to duty. In certain instances, their actions warrant special attention from their respective departments. The Bulletin also wants to recognize those situations that transcend the normal rigors of the law enforcement profession.

Officer Dennemann
Officer Dennemann
Officer Martin
Officer Martin
Officer Henthorn
Officer Henthorn

Officers Joseph Dennemann, Adrian Martin, and Thomas Henthorn of the Zionsville, Indiana Police Department responded to a report of a drowning child at a residence. Upon arrival, Officer Dennemann located a woman holding an unconscious and unresponsive young girl near the pool. The woman advised the officers that she found the child at the bottom of the deep end and that she was unsure how long the child had been under water. Immediately, Officer Dennemann began performing CPR with the aid of Officer Martin. The child began expelling large amounts of water and fluid from her mouth. Officer Henthorn helped the family and other children, while Officers Dennemann and Martin continued first aid until paramedics arrived, at which time the child began regaining consciousness. The young girl made a full recovery.

Sergeant Hinton
Sergeant Hinton
Sergeant Ophee Hinton of the Fulton County, Georgia, Marshal’s Department noticed black smoke coming out of the side window of a home. Immediately, she requested assistance from the fire department. Sergeant Hinton then went to the front door and began knocking. A woman responded to the door and stated that she was unaware of the smoke and that other residents possibly could be inside. After advising her to leave, Sergeant Hinton began knocking on other doors down the hall and found one other woman inside. Sergeant Hinton ensured that both residents were outside at a safe distance from the home.


The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin seeks nominations for the Bulletin Notes. Nominations should be based on either the rescue of one or more citizens or arrest(s) made at unusual risk to an officer’s safety. Submissions should include a short write-up (maximum of 250 words), a separate photograph of each nominee, and a letter from the department’s ranking officer endorsing the nomination. Submissions should be sent to the Editor, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, FBI Academy, Law Enforcement Communication Unit, Hall of Honor, Quantico, VA 22135.


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